Central Coast Counseling Center, Inc. is a preferred provider for numerous insurance companies. Some insurances pay a fixed fee for services which are usually only a percentage of the total fees. If you have insurance, you may wish to review your plan, so that you are aware of the portion covered for Behavioral Health Care Services. It is beneficial for you to know the amount of your deductible, co-pay or any other balances not covered by your insurance. Our office personnel are always willing to assist you, and can assist you best when you are also in touch with your insurance company. However, insurance is never a guarantee of payment, and if we receive no or limited payment for your insurance coverage, the rest of the payment or full payment will be the client's responsibility.

Insurances accepted:

  1. Aetna
  2. Anthem Blue Cross
  3. HMC/Teamsters/Union workers
  4. Cigna
  5. EAPs
  6. Value Options
  7. Western Growers
  8. Holman Group for CenCal clients

John Lonsbury, LMFT is also credentialed with Tricare/Triwest and the Save Program.