CCCC staff

Our Mission Statement

Central Coast Counseling Center’s Commitment is to offer a safe and healing place for individuals, couples and families having difficulties in their relationships. We offer a place to come in, unload and be heard without being pre-judged or shamed.

Our approach
to therapy is collaborative. This means that both the therapist and the client come up with possibilities to create more fulfilling and satisfying friendships, couples and families.

We don’t believe you have to feel stuck, bad and disconnected in any relationship anymore.

Our hope
is to have individuals, couples and families choose to live lives with less defenses and more enjoyment in their relationships.

When you walk through the welcoming doors of our center, you have our support in emerging from any confusion and pain you may have. Our therapists are trained to peel back all of the negative and nonproductive thoughts that are making your life conflicted and difficult. Then, your true self is safe to emerge and empower you to have a life that works.

You will then be supported in your unique talents and gifts to attain your full potential. It may be surprising to know that life is not so difficult after all. Life becomes easier and lighter. It’s really not
that scary. We are ready to show you.

We contract with independent contractors with the appropriate skills to meet the diverse needs and interests of the Central Coast.


Central Coast Counseling Center
is looking for bilingual independent contractors with expertise in working with children.